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Petite Jeans, the Jeans for Petite Women

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Petite Jeans, the Jeans for Petite Women

Who doesn’t like jeans? It’s just that for some it can be rather difficult to find a well-fitting, beautiful pair of jeans. For petite women, for example. If you're a little shorter and struggled to find jeans that don't have the denim pooled around your knees or a pair that you don't have to hem, it’s like a minor miracle. We are here to help. Our new blog article aims to help you find those great jeans for petite women. The Best Jeans for the shorter woman. Here you will also find answers to questions such as "What does petite jeans mean?" Etc.

Before we get into that, let's see what makes it so difficult for petite women.

jeans for petite women  

Jeans for Petite Women - What Makes It So Hard to Find Great Jeans?

First of all, unfortunately the majority of jeans labels and designers still do not carry jeans in small sizes, ie "petite jeans". They only produce "Regular” sizes for women from 160 cm height. This means that the inseam length is around 76 cm to 83 cm, depending on the style. Second, there are some designers who offer short sizes too, but even these short sizes have an inside leg of 76 cm, which is probably still too long for most petite women.

Since it is so hard to find petite jeans, many petite women are used to going to the tailor and having the jeans they choose hemmed. Does this solve all the problems? Maybe sometimes. But here's why this doesn't work every time in the long run:

Changes at the tailoring store are not cheap. It can cost between 15 and 25 bucks just to have your jeans hemmed. You will also have to lose some details on the original hem, e.g. ruffles, raw edge, zipper, etc. If you really want to keep the original hem, the tailor may charge even more (depending on the complexity of the details you want to keep) for the extra work. In addition, the result is not guaranteed to be as good as the original finish.

Additionally, shortening the jeans does not necessarily mean they will be flattering to petite women, and some styles are not really suitable for alteration as it changes the proportions of the jeans. So going to the tailor right from the start and having a pair of jeans made-to-measure is a better option for you. With us you can, for example, design your jeans exactly as you wish and we will then manufacture them exactly to your dimensions. And our made-to-measure jeans start from just $129 (USD).


Now let's look at what works best for petite women - best jeans for short women :, which cut, which fit, which color...

best petite jeans  

The Best Jeans for Petite Women

High rise jeans (also known as high-waisted jeans). The high waisted jeans are the most recommended jeans for petite women. But before we write about the merits of high-waisted jeans, let's first take a look at what actually counts as high rise jeans. First, let's look at what makes a pair of jeans low, medium, or high rise:

High Waisted, the Best Petite Jeans

Typically, a high-rise pair of jeans is at least 9 to 10 inch in length. Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, are designed to sit 2-3 inches below your navel, so their rise is about 6 to 7 inches. Everything in between is called mid-rise. If you're not very good at numbers, the easiest way to look at this is: if the jeans are above your belly button they are high-rise jeans, low in your hips they are low-waisted jeans and in between you get jeans that are mid-rise.

What do you picture when we write about high-rise jeans? Do you imagine the ‘mom jeans’ of the late 80s? Over the past 40 years these jeans have evolved and the modern variant is the best choice for petite women. High-rise jeans visually stretch your legs and make them look longer due to the higher waist. I understand that not all petite women want to look taller, but who doesn't want their legs to appear longer and proportions to look better? The high rise creates the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. The best jeans for shorter women!

In addition, high-waisted jeans are also more comfortable to wear. I remember when skinny jeans were popular because of Britney Spears (gosh, that was so long ago). Back then, it was the fashion to wear jeans low and deliberately show off their underwear. I'm not a huge fan of this, simply because the jeans are not comfortable when you sit down with the jeans hanging halfway around your hips. The best high waisted jeans for petite women are well cut and have the right length so you don't have to worry about hemming. However, if you have a short upper body and larger breasts, then mid-rise jeans are more recommended, the high-rise jeans make your upper body look even shorter and are then no longer as flattering.

Unfortunately at the moment it seems that the low rise jeans are on the rise again. Stay away from low-cut jeans unless you have long legs that you want to hide. Certainly the low-cut jeans also have something good - the stomach can look flatter in them. But in my opinion, it's not worth making your legs look shorter. So, even if you are going to see low jeans everywhere soon and maybe even see them on petite celebrities or your favorite Influencers, please buck the trend and let's stick with the classic high-waisted jeans!

High Waisted, the Best Petite Jeans

Flared jeans are generally flattering, but even more so for petite women. Especially for petite women who want to effortlessly add a few inches more, the flared shape of a slight expansion below the knee immediately creates the illusion of longer legs. Always combine petite flared jeans with heels if you want to double the elongation effect! In addition, flared jeans are particularly suitable for women with wider thighs, such as petite pear-shaped women. The extra volume below the knee helps balance out those full thighs.

If you want an extra slimming effect, try a dark denim. An important tip for choosing the right flared jeans for petite women is the right length with heels. Put on your favorite shoes first, then select the petite flared jeans or measure the desired pant length to make sure the hem barely touches the floor while wearing your heels.

petite flare jeans


Petite Bootcut Jeans

The bootcut jeans are cut close to the body in the thigh area and expand from the knee to the hem. They should fit perfectly from your thighs to your knees and then be a little wider under your knees. As the name suggests, bootcut jeans go with a boot underneath. So when you fold the bootcut jeans, you will find that the hem is about 1-2 inch wider than the knee. When you wear bootcut jeans there is a slight flare (so the boot fits underneath) but it’s not as obvious as with the flared jeans.

Dark-cut bootcut jeans further reduce the bottom half and help draw your eyes to the top half. Petite shapes should choose bootcut jeans that are the right length, as anything too short will make legs look wider and make you appear smaller as a result. Just like flares, the bootcut is very flattering for all body types. Due to the shape of the leg, bootcut jeans can also elongate your legs. That is why they belong to our top jeans for shorter women. If you love to wear boots in winter, bootcut jeans are heaven for you.


Petite Black Straight Leg Jeans– Good ‘Curvy Petite’ Jeans

Black straight leg jeans are one of the most versatile jeans styles, not only for petite women. You can't go wrong with a pair of petite black straight leg jeans. If you have curves, they make you look slimmer instantly due to the slimming effect of the color and the hug of the slimmer cut. They pretty much suit all petite body types. If you have a petite pear shape and want your thigh or hip area to look smaller, black straight jeans are a no-brainer.

The best part? They go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. Combine the black straight jeans with a feminine blouse and high heels and you are ready for a hot date or an evening with the girls. If you just want to be casual, wear black leg straight jeans with a loose sweater and sneakers and they make the easiest outfit for the weekend. Put on a blazer in the morning and you're good to go for the office. They also work in any season or weather.


Petite Black Skinny Jeans

When you pair black skinny jeans with black shoes, you see the magic of stretching your legs. Combined with a cardigan, they become your "it" jeans for the transition. Did we mention that they're the best buddy for knee-high or ankle-length boots in winter? The key to choosing the best black jeans for shorter women is the right length. If you're short and want the look of ankle jeans, the 25-27 inch inseam works best. If they're a little above your ankle, you can roll the jeans up an inch or two and they'll still look great. However, for petite women, it is important to avoid horizontal lines in your styling. Jeans that are too short create the horizontal line that makes your legs look ‘cut off’.

The basic rules for choosing the right jeans for petite women is to focus on creating a vertical line on your body for an elongation effect. Plain-colored denim therefore makes your legs look longer than those with a lot of washes. If you're into colored jeans, stick with those with an even wash. While many of us love distressed denim, petite women should keep the stains and holes to a minimum. If you would like to have the jeans exactly to your measurements, we have a great option for you. Not much more expensive than off-the-shelf jeans, we can design the jeans exactly according to your ideas and have them made to your dimensions. Our recommendation are black petite jeans made with our “Renne, Black” denim:

petite black skinny jeans

What Exactly Are Petite Jeans?

"Petite" literally means small. However, in the fashion world, petite refers to a range of clothing items that are suitable for women who are 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) or less in height. "Petite" as a special size first appeared in fashion in the late 1940s, when it was noticed that normal clothing was simply cut too long for smaller women.

However, this new size was ignored by many designers for a very long time and so there were relatively few clothes in the "Petite" size to choose from. Nowadays, more and more clothing manufacturers are offering the special size "Petite" to meet the needs of their customers.

If you find yourself in this height range, petites will generally suit you best regardless of your body shape or age. The keyword is petite, like you. Whether you are curvy or rectangular, have a hourglass, triangle (pear) or inverted triangle (apple) shape, this size is for you. You can often find petites in both a normal size range and plus sizes.


Questions / Answers about Petite Jeans

Which jeans cut is the best for petite women?
Skinny jeans and straight jeans are the most recommended jeans cut for shorter women as the way they ensnare the legs creates an illusion of elongation. They also make the hips look narrower and the legs look thinner, which actually makes the wearer look taller. Bootcut jeans can also make your legs look longer due to the shape of the leg.

As a petite woman, can I wear mom jeans?
Yes, yes, and yes again! If you are small, it is best to combine the high-cut jeans with heels to visually elongate your body. While you can wear ankle-strap sandals or wedges with your mom jeans, pointy pumps are your best bet - and they don't have to be too high either!

What is the height of my body as small / petite?
According to Wikipedia, a height of less than 5 feet 3 inches (162 cm) is considered small and petite. The size "petite" only applies to the size and does not refer to the weight.

Can shorter women wear high-waisted jeans?
High rise jeans (also known as high-waisted jeans) are the most recommended jeans for short women. The higher cut is generally very flattering for petite women. It straightens your legs and make them look longer because of the higher waist.


Jeans for small women under 5 feet 3 inches - ideally made to measure and according to your wishes, from 129 USD. With us you can design the jeans yourself and we will manufacture them exactly to your measurements. Order Petite Jeans for women here now!




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