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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and important information about our jeans and order processing. If this doesn't answer your question, don't hesitate to contact us here


  • How do I order my jeans?

    Very easily! With our jeans configurator (women / men) you can design your jeans according to your wishes and needs and we will then manufacture these jeans for you, exactly according to your measurements. You have 3 different options for the measurments, either you give us your body measurments or the measurments of your favorite jeans, using our measurments table specially developed for made-to-measure jeans. Or you can send us your favorite jeans by post and we will measure them for you (surcharge of USD 20.-). We will send your jeans back to you in a package together with the new jeans.

  • How long will it take to receive my made-to-measure jeans?

    The normal delivery time for our made-to-measure jeans is 4-5 weeks. Espress production / deliveries are possible at any time for an extra charge. You can find more information about delivery and shipping here.

  • How much does the shipping cost?

    The shipping costs depend on the order value. For orders of less than USD 400.00, the flat-rate shipping costs are $ 30.- We send all products through DHL, Fedex or Airmail. From an order value of $ 400 you receive our products free of charge. Please note that for delivery to the United States and other countries, local taxes and/or VAT may be charged by customs or the logistics company. Please inquire about your country’s local regulations. If that is the case, please pay the invoice and send us a digital copy of the invoice by email ( We will be happy to provide you with a credit for that amount against any future purchase from

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship our jeans worldwide. You can find more information about our shipping options here. Read more about our delivery and shipping conditions here.


  • Can I really measure myself or my jeans so they will fit?

    Yes! This is easy. Our step-by-step instructions with photos and videos have been designed so that you can measure yourself or your jeans in around 10-15 minutes. All of your measurements will then be checked very carefully by us after receipt of the order. If a measure is not entirely plausible, we will contact you immediately.

  • Can I also send you my jeans to be measured?

    Yes, of course, but please first order the desired jeans in our configurator, then you will be linked to your measurement page. There you can select the option "we measure your jeans". After receiving your order, we will send you a mail with our address.

  • Will my measurements be saved for further orders or do I have to measure myself again and again?

    Your measurements, as well as the exact manufacturing measurements (pattern) of your jeans are stored with us i.e. you only have to determine your measurements once and then you can order more jeans with just some mouse clicks. If you want to optimize your measurements, you can do this after the configuration of your new jeans. Simply select the option "I have already received a pair of jeans and would like to optimize them" and tell us the changes you want. You are also welcome to send us an email at:

    We will never pass on your measurements and data to third parties. That goes without saying for us!


  • What if my custom-jeans don't fit?

    We want you to enjoy your made-to-measure jeans, which is why we will do everything we can to deliver the perfect jeans to you. If you look good, we look good too.

    Should something still not fit the way you would like, then just write us an email with some information about what exactly does not fit. Please also send us some photos of you in your jeans. Preferably from each angle (front, side and back). Based on your information and the photos, we can then analyze exactly why the jeans don't fit you and how you can optimize them.

    If the mistake was made by us and the jeans can be changed by a tailor, we will cover all the costs of changes. If the jeans cannot be changed, we will immediately make new jeans for you free of charge. If you have given us the wrong measurements and if the jeans can be changed by a tailor, go ahead and have them modified accordingly. You will then be credited for the tailoring costs towards a new order (max. 70% of the previous order value). If a change is not possible, we can offer you a new pair at a preferential price of 40% of the original price.


  • Where are the custom-jeans made?

    Like almost all clothing manufacturers these days, we produce our bespoke jeans in Asia. We have the made-to-measure jeans manufactured in Saigon (Vietnam) under professional, fair and clean conditions. There is no under-age labor with us! The wages of the long-standing and experienced tailors are above the national and industry average. The denims are made in the USA, Italy, Japan and Vietnam.



  • At how many degrees should I wash my made-to-measure jeans?

    Most of our jeans (except raw denim) are made with pre-washed denims (rinsed washed). It is best to turn them outside in (or "inside out") before each wash, close the buttons and the zipper and wash the jeans at 30-40 ° c with powder that contains a little or no bleach. Liquid detergent is best (no fabric softener! ). Take the jeans out of the machine immediately after washing. Before hanging up (the tumble dryer is not recommended!) pull to length / shape. There is no need to iron a pair of jeans, as the denim fabric smooths out immediately when the body heats up. If you still don't want to do without the iron, you should turn your jeans inside out before ironing.

    Raw / dry denim: You get the made-to-measure jeans with raw / dry denim home unwashed. After manufacturing, we only put the jeans in a water bath for a short time so that the manufacturing residue goes away. Wear the dry jeans as often as possible before washing them! After a while, the denim adapts to the wearer like a second skin. Most people wear the dry jeans for more than 6 months before washing them for the first time. If you wash raw denim jeans straight after purchase and they have not been worn, they will stay dark for much longer and will not develop a "used look". Dry denim is pure passion! Your everyday life shapes the jeans, gives them their own character, shapes and designs them. The goal is to wear the jeans as often as possible for about a year without washing them. Some areas (e.g. on the knees, back pockets, etc.) are particularly stressed, and this is completely different for each person. This is where the denim breaks and later bleeds particularly heavily during washing. This then creates the very individual used look. The first thought when people first come across raw denim is usually that it must be unsanitary not to wash their jeans for so long. However, we can assure you that raw denim is a particularly tightly linked fabric that can hardly absorb dirt. If you should still have a mishap, dry cleaning is recommended. Be careful with stains! Never scrub out the stains individually, otherwise bleached areas will result. If you get the feeling in between that some smells have settled, then simply put the jeans in the cooler for a few hours or let them air out overnight. Textile fresheners and a subsequent fresh air treatment also work miracles! Before washing the dry jeans for the first time, soak them in cold water for about 30 minutes and then put them wet in the machine. It is best to wash them at 30 ° c.