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Hip! Women’s & men’s bell bottom jeans are back!

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Hip! Women’s & men’s bell bottom jeans are back!

Bell bottom jeans are back and how! To all the younger men and women out there who are so crazy about skinny jeans, you should know that bell bottom jeans have been conquering the market since the 1970’s and are always making a comeback - and rightly so in my opinion! Have you never had felt the urge to wear 70’s Bell Bottom Jeans? True, bell bottom jeans have been avoided in recent years, even ridiculed, dismissed as jeans for mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas. But now everything will be different, better! The bell bottom jeans that were avoided by those youngsters are back in trend. Why don't you take the old 70’s Bell Bottom Jeans from the basement or order a new pair made- to- measure and according to your tastes today ?! Let rip with the bell bottom jeans and bring back the great times of the 70’s.

Bell bottoms jeans - made-to-measure & on request from $ 129

Finally, you get the bell bottom jeans that you always wanted to have. With us, in addition to the denim and design of your jeans, you can also determine the size of the leg opening yourself. So you never compromise again and finally get the perfect bell bottom jeans!

In addition to high-quality denims and first-class workmanship, we offer the advantage that you can design the jeans yourself in our configurator. Choose the denim, then the fit, the leg shape, pockets, belt loops, thread color, buttons, rivets etc. Create a unique piece and a real eye-catcher! For your bell bottoms, choose the "Bootcut" option for the leg shape in our configurator.

Mens bell bottom jeans configurator  Womens bell bottom jeans configurator

In the next step, you can give us the desired circumference of the leg opening under the dimensions

Circumference of the leg opening of your bell bottom jeansCircumference of the leg opening of your mens bell bottom jeans

But what exactly are bell-bottoms?

Ok, most likely you're a little younger or can't remember the great times of the 70s. Bell bottoms are trousers that widen from the knees down and form a bell-like shape for the pant leg.

Bell-bottoms first appeared in history in 1813. Commodore Stephen Decatur wrote that the men on the frigates of the United States wore flared trousers, so like so much of today's fashion (e.g. denim / jeans), flared trousers come from the sailors. In the middle of the 19th century, the British Royal Navy adopted bell bottoms as a uniform.

In the 1960’s, bell-bottoms became more and more fashionable and were worn by both men and women. Often made of denim, the pant legs flared out from the lower part of the calf and had slightly curved hems measuring at least 18 inch (46 cm) in circumference at the bottom of each leg opening. They were usually worn with Cuban heel shoes, clogs, or Chelsea boots.

Womens bell bottom jeans mens bell bottom jeans

70’s Bell Bottom Jeans - Elephant bells

In the 1970’s, bell-bottoms returned to mainstream fashion. The rock duo Sonny and Cher helped popularize bell-bottoms in the United States by wearing them on their popular TV show. The 70’s Bell Bottom Jeans were usually flared from the knee down, with openings in the lower leg of up to 26 inch (66 cm). They were mostly made from denim, light cotton, and satin polyester, they were so popular that they became symbols of the edgy and colorful style of the decade.

In the mid to late 1970’s, the "elephant bells", which were typically made of denim, became very popular. Elephant bells or elephant jeans had a very clearly flared leg below the knee and often covered the wearer's shoes. The preferred shoes were platform shoes with soles at least 2 inch (5 cm) thick and 4 to 5 inch (10 to 13 cm) heels to keep the hems of the pants off the floor.

Late 70’s and 80’s – women’s & mens flared jeans 70’s – 80’s

With the rise of punk rock in the late 1970’s, bell bottom jeans went out of fashion and were replaced by skin-tight trousers and skinny jeans in the style of the 1950’s. But around 10 years later, bell bottoms experienced their first revival after bands such as The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and The Charlatans reintroduced them in late 1989 and the early 90’s.

Mid 1990’s to 2000’s - Women & men’s bell bottom jeans

In 1996 bell-bottoms for women came back into fashion, but with a less flared leg. The "Bootcut" Jeans were also popular with men too. The bootcut jeans from the 90’s had mostly a leg opening of 18-20 inches. Women’s and men’s flared jeans 70s-80s had typically 20–26 inche openings.

In 1999, flared jeans came into fashion and had wider, flared legs than the previous bootcut jeans. These flared jeans dominated the fashion world for 10 years. The flared jeans were also very popular among young people in the 90’s, especially in the techno scene.

By 2006, the pants on display began to fade when the skinny jeans became popular again. But the bootcuts and flared jeans have not disappeared, as they did at the end of the 70’s; you could always see women and men wearing bootcut or flared jeans. .

Differences between bell bottom and bootcut jeans

The flared jeans of the 1960’s and 1970’s differ from those of the 1990’s and 2000’s in the tightness of the fabric on the knee and the width of the cuff. Here are the definitions of the two cuts:

Bell bottom & flared jeans

Flared jeans, 70’s bell bottom jeans, or elephant bells are jeans that get wider from the knees down and form a kind of "bell-like" shape of the pant leg. The bell-bottoms of the 1960’s differed from the flared jeans from the 1990s in that the bell-bottoms were a little looser, while the modern bell bottoms, the so-called flared jeans, were tighter in the thigh area.

Flared jeans have a moderate “flare” (20–22 inches), while bell bottoms have 22–25 inches. The elephant bells have an exaggerated flare from 26 inches or more.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans actually resemble straight jeans more than flared jeans, especially in the upper area. They are cut to fit around the thighs and are only slightly tapered at the knees. Towards the bottom, the jeans become a little wider so that the jeans fit well around a boot. The legs are not quite as flared as is normally the case with flared jeans.

Bootcut jeans are, so to speak, the compromise between straight jeans and flared jeans. The bootcut for men and the bootcut for women tend to be different. The bootcut jeans for women are snug along the thigh to the knee, while the jeans for men are loose / flared from the crotch to the bottom of the hem.

Normal or plus size bell bottom jeans - let it rock! Style and combinations

Bell bottoms and rock'n'roll go together that’s clear, but the bell bottom jeans also cut a good figure for all kinds of parties and events and are a great option for you. We will show you a few possible combinations of how you can wear the bell bottoms that give you a chic and classy look. Flared jeans can be combined with any type of party or night-out shirt or college shirt. And the good thing is that flared jeans can be worn by anyone, no matter what their figure.

Leather jacket and flared jeans:
Go out with flare jeans and a leather jacket for a modern cowboy / cowgirl look. Wear the leather jacket in brown or black. Spice up the look with a scarf.

T-Shirt & Flare Jeans:
If you are rather small or medium in size, you should wear a t-shirt with flared jeans, as it gives you a great look. It's kind of simple, but really works.

A business shirt tucked in the plus size bell bottom jeans::
When you have a little bit more on your ribs you should wear a buttoned shirt, flared jeans, and tuck the shirt in. This is also a good style for the time out with friends

70s Bell Bottom Jeans

Sexy look for flared jeans women:
Now let's talk about the sexy look that makes you a hot chick. For this you need the crop top and the flared jeans. This type of clothing will add glamor to your look.

Checkered shirt and flared jeans:
For the hip look, you can try a checked shirt with dark blue jeans. Add some accessories. Accessories could add glamor to your look.

bell bottoms

Those were some outfits to try on this season. Go back to the trend with bell bottom jeans - give your skinny jeans a little break! With us you can determine the leg opening of your bell bottoms, as well as the fit… and ten other measurements yourself. Order your new bell bottom jeans today. Women’s bell bottom jeans / Men’s bell bottom jeans.


QUESTIONS / ANSWERS about bell-bottoms (70’s bell bottom jeans, plus-size bell bottom jeans….)

What is the difference between bell bottom jeans and flared jeans?
The bell bottom jeans of the 1960’s differed from the flared jeans from the 1990’s in that the bell bottoms were cut a little looser, while the modern flared jeans are tighter in the thigh area.

Are bell-bottoms 60’s or 70’s?
Bell bottoms were very fashionable in both the 1960’s and 1970’s! Jeans, which are wider below the knee, were an extremely fashionable look in both the 1960’s and 1970’s. The bell-shaped or elephant legs were originally a functional design for seafarers.

Are bell bottom jeans back in 2021?
This anti-skinny jean trend is making a comeback in 2021... Sure, cropped flared jeans had already popped up in the last few years, but the more polarizing bell bottom jeans (aka anti-skinny jeans) weren't as popular until recently.

What kinds of shoes go with flared jeans?
The bell bottom pants add length to your legs, especially when paired with a great pair of heels. 7 shoes to wear with bell-bottoms, because the 70’s are trendy:
Sandals with straps and mini heels
Flat cork leather sandals
Black platform shoes
Chunky wooden shoes
Cheetah print shoes

What do you wear with flared jeans?
Take on the classic 70’s denim look and wear high-rise bell bottom jeans. A cool turtleneck goes well too, perfect for retro flair. Wear a great blouse with bell bottoms in summer.

Which shirts go well with bell bottoms?
Wear bell bottoms with a:
loosely cut t-shirt with a belt. With rounded Lennon-style sunglasses.
Or with a simple blouse / shirt and chunky boots.
Also great with an Oxford shirt and a long cardigan.
Not to mention the loose, simple tank top, with chunky open-toe sandals.

 Women’s bell bottom jeans & men’s bell bottom jeans, made-to-measure from USD 129.-



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