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New favorite jeans? Make your own jeans - tailor made jeans

Have you had enough of eternally looking for perfect jeans? Trying on 5,6,7 or more pairs and none of them fits as desired?

Once you have finally found a decent pair of jeans that you like and that fit you, you just want to wear them. But as it so often is in life, these jeans don't last forever. The more you wear them, the sooner you’ll be looking for new ones. Sometimes with the frustrating result that these favorite jeans are no longer available.

We now have the solution! Send us your jeans and we will have a new pair of tailor made jeans with exactly the same dimensions. But more about that here in our article.

New favorite jeans? Make your own jeans!

Beloved favorite jeans

My absolute favorite jeans were Levi 501s, in blue, with a slight stone-wash. Back when I bought jeans, I didn't know much about them and I wasn't interested in fashion at all. It was a good friend who accompanied me back then and recommended that I buy a pair. From then on, I wore jeans quite often, but still those from no-name manufacturers; not really anything modern, just normal jeans. I found myself actually only wearing these new Levis, the others were left behind. To this day I cannot explain to myself exactly why this was so, but these jeans just fitted 100%. If I think back to it, it was probably more about the cut and fit than the denim itself. The color was pretty difficult to combine and I even had to adapt part of my wardrobe to this color.

My favorite jeans went with me to the office, to the movie theater, to soccer games, to bars and clubs, to the restaurant even on a trip around the world - unfortunately that was where it ended. Due to the constant wearing and washing (I also had to wash the jeans from time to time), the denim was unfortunately getting thinner and more and more holes appeared in the jeans. Fortunately, the first few holes were in the thighs and knees and these made the jeans even more beautiful in my eyes. Back then it was fashionable to wear jeans with holes, actually it’s still the case today.

But then one evening, it was in Vietnam, unfortunately a spot tore in the back of the buttocks and then suddenly it was over. It was impossible to wear the jeans like that. But I couldn't just throw the jeans away, my loyal companions for more than 2 years. So I took them with me in my suitcase, from place to place, from country to country. For several weeks! So much had those jeans grown on my heart, or my body. Unfortunately the time came when the luggage got heavier and heavier. I wanted to bring home a souvenir or gift from almost every place. So the suitcase got plumper too. This was then the end of my favorite pair of jeans, wonderful work of art that they were.

The most important thing is the cut

By then I looked for my new favorite jeans for years without success. Back then, before I said goodbye to them, I made a note of everything, i.e. name, composition and size, but I couldn't find such jeans anymore. The 501 jeans that have been offered since then are somehow different in terms of cut and fit and cannot be compared at all with my favorite jeans. The denim is also different, the washes are much stronger, which is not my thing at all.

Trying and trying to find a new favorite pair, I came to the conclusion that it is the fit and cut that matters, not so much the denim, style or the brand. The cut has be right for everybody’s very own unique body. Of course, these days it is much easier for me to find the right jeans, exactly as I imagined: I work for a jeans manufacturer that offers exactly this :-) The idea of tailoring your favorite jeans came about precisely because it has been difficult to find the same matching jeans over the years. Most jeans manufacturers are constantly adapting their offerings, revising the cuts and fit, changing denims and washing. It's different with us! We store all patterns (manufacturing dimensions), i.e. the exact shape of each customer's cut. This means that we can manufacture new jeans at any time, exactly according to the fit, cut and size of your favorite jeans. The most important thing about jeans is their fit and cut. Finding a similar denim, on the other hand, is easy.

Damen Jeans Konfigurator Herren Jeans Konfigurator

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Tailor made jeans - According to the size of your favorite jeans

Start with selecting the desired denim in our configurator and design your new favorite jeans. You have countless possibilities here to design your new jeans the way you want. Please just leave out the two options “fit” and “leg shape” as we will make the cut and fit according to your favorite jeans. In our configurator you can determine the front / side pockets, the back pockets, the thread color, the waistband and fastener, the belt loops yourself. You have the option to choose extra side pockets, cargo pockets, mobile phone pockets. Also extra decorative seams, adjustable latches to the hip or waistband area. You can also personalize the jeans even more by choosing a monogram. All options can, but do not have to be selected. If you want to keep your jeans very simple, you can always click on "ADD TO CART".

After you have finished designing your jeans, select the option "SEND US YOUR JEANS" for the measurement profile. This means that you do not need to send us any measurements, you can just send us your favorite jeans by post and we will then manufacture the newly selected jeans 1: 1 exactly according to these measurements. We will then send your “sample jeans” back to you in a package together with the new jeans. The additional costs are USD 20 per pair of jeans / pants that are to be measured.

Important! Please choose a denim that is similar in composition of your favorite jeans. For example, is your favorite jeans made of 100% cotton, then you should also choose a denim made of 100% cotton. When your jeans is very stretchy, then also choose a Denim with stretch. As more similar the Denim Compositions are, as better. But here all the steps in detail:

Lieblingsjeans, sende uns nun deine Jeans zu und erhalte eine 1:1 Kopie – how it works

• First select the desired denim and the design (except for fit and leg shape, we take these from your jeans) in our configurator. Important, please choose a denim that is similar to the denim of your favorite jeans. This is especially important with stretch denim. If your favorite jeans are denim with a higher percentage of stretch, please also choose one of our “stretch denims”. If your jeans are made of 100% cotton or have only a small amount of stretch / elastane (1-3%), you can easily choose any of our denims.

• After you have placed the new jeans in the shopping cart (ADD TO CART), select the option "SEND US YOUR JEANS" as a custom profile.

• During the ordering process you will then receive our exact delivery address, which is as follows (Creative-M GmbH, Birkenweg 45, 3123 Belp, Switzerland). Send your jeans to our address.

• After receiving your jeans, we will check them carefully for their fabric and composition. If we should find that the denim in your jeans differs significantly from the new denim selected, we will contact you to recommend denim alternatives or adjustments to the measurements.

• Your jeans will then be precisely measured and we will create a pattern based on these measurements.

• We will forward your order with the pattern to our tailor shop.

• Our master tailors draw and cut (over 60 individual pieces) the denim exactly according to your pattern and wishes.

• Your jeans will be sewn together by our experienced tailors. Every tailor has many years of experience and is therefore at least 18 years old. We use the latest and best machines for this.

• Your jeans will be checked for the first time by our quality inspector for size and quality of work. All manufacturing sizes (patterns) are recorded and electronically transmitted to us. If the size differs by more than a centimeter to yours, the jeans are sent back to the tailor's shop and are optimized there.

• If the jeans have the desired dimensions and appearance, the buttons, rivets, the monogram, if desired, are embroidered and the label is attached.

After a final quality check, your tailor made jeans will be sent to us. We will then send you your new favorite jeans along with your old jeans, (back) to you.

Questions / answers about favorite jeans, clone jeans, copy jeans:

Is it possible to send a matching pair of jeans and then have a new pair made with the same measurements?
Yes, this is possible without any problems. You are very welcome to send us your favorite jeans for measurement and we will then make a new made-to-measure pair to the exact dimensions of your jeans.
Please select the desired denim and the design of the new jeans in our configurator and then place the order with the measurement profile "I'll send you my jeans". Make your own jeans now:

Bespoke jeans womens / Bespoke jeans mens

How expensive is it to have your favorite jeans copied?
Between USD 129 and USD 219 depending on the desired denim and design of the jeans.

How long is the delivery time?
Around 4-6 weeks. If it is very urgent, we also offer express production / delivery at an additional cost..

What can you copy?
We can manufacture the new made-to-measure jeans exactly according to the dimensions of your sample jeans. However, we ask you to choose the desired denim and design in our configurator. The reason for this is that we very likely won't be able to find / buy the exact same denim as your jeans have, as there are thousands of different denims out there. Washing (stone wash, etc.) is also not possible, we forego this process for the benefit of our employees and the environment.
Custom made women's jeans / Custom made men’s jeans

What if the new made to order jeans don't fit as well as the sample jeans?
Don't worry, we're on the same team! We also want your new jeans to fit you perfectly and become your new favorite jeans. If you look good, we look good too.
If our new tailor made jeans don't fit you as well as your favorite jeans, just write us an email with some information about what exactly doesn't fit. Please also send us some photos of you in your favorite jeans and our jeans. Preferably one from the front, from the side and from the back. Based on your information and the photos, we can then check exactly why the jeans do not fit you as you want and what we can do about it.

I am very satisfied with the jeans I received and would like to order a pair of made to order jeans again soon. Do I have to send my jeans back to you for this?
We are real pleased that you are very satisfied with the jeans you received. We have saved all of the manufacturing dimensions centrally and can always manufacture new jeans with precisely these dimensions. With a new order, you no longer have to send us your jeans. Please choose the option "Do you already have one of our jeans? Click here". and you get to the checkout process directly. .


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